Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ft.Christmas - A week to go!

We are excited to go on on trip next week to Ft. Christmas and the Florida Living History Festival. I will be sending out the address and driving directions for the chaperones who are driving their own vehicles. You may want to bring: *sunscreen *optional gift shop money - sometimes we have the time to go in, other trips we don't. Credit cards are not accepted in the park and they don't have an ATM. *lunch and drink Our festival is out in an open field and under old oaks. It's very scenic and the reenactments of the periods in Florida history are set up throughout the park. Ft. Christmas is open all the time, but the festival is only for one, or sometimes two days. Students should bring: *small backpack *sunscreen *extra water *a couple of snacks (that don't require spoons or forks) Lunch can be late *no expensive electronics *optional cash for the gift shop Driving Directions: Drive to Ft. Christmas: I95 to exit 215 for FL 50 toward Titusville/Orlando Continue West on Hwy 50 to FL420 (Ft. Christmas Road) Travel about 2 miles and Ft. Christmas Historical Park will be on your left.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Guest Blogger with Math Tips for You!

Here's our latest Rocket Math star with some great tips to add as students reach for the goal of learning the multiplication facts! "I practice Rocket Math at home with my mom. She shouts multiplication problems out and I answer them quickly. If you want to get to W on Rocket Math, you have to focus when you're taking the test and memorize your math facts. That's how to succeed in Rocket Math!" Congratulations, Jane! She is moving on to Division Facts this week.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Blogger Rocket Math Star Tips from Evan One very good tip is to write down an answer while you solve the next problem mentally. It feels great to pass Rocket Math! I find math easy, so I go on Kahn Academy instead of a daily math topic. Have your parents copy math problems from your paper when you don't make your goal. That is good practice. Follow the tips, and you'll be on the moon in no time!

Advice From a Rocket Math Star!

Bella completed the Multiplication portion of Rocket Math before the Winter Break. She is our guest blogger today!  In her words:
"Rocket Math is so fun!  I screamed and yelled in my head when I passed W (level).
Now I am on Set D in Division. I try not to look at other people's paperwork. I practiced flash cards every night!  I try to pass my goal (on the paper) and go to the bottom."


Friday, January 11, 2013

TenMarks Math

Our class will begin a new FREE online program. This link is above so you can take a peek. I have signed the students up and they will be given user names and passwords. I can track how they are doing and so can you by making a parent account. Details can be found on the informational page I'm sending home. Students will be assigned problems each week. I will begin this program on Monday, January 14th so we can practice in class. It is a fun way to reinforce the skills and maybe stretch a bit too!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Spelling Activity Sheet

Although it isn't very chilly at the moment, the students should switch to the Winter Choice Board for their spelling activities, beginning next week, January 14.  We are not doing spelling activities this week so that the students can have time to practice for the Spelling Bee.   
January Spelling Choice Menu
Donovan & Whitner
Directions for spelling this month: Complete four different activities a week for the month of January in order to prepare for Friday spelling tests. Write your name at the top of the page(s), and clip turn it in by Friday Morning.

1. Hidden Words: Draw a winter picture and HIDE your spelling words within it.
2. Practice Test: Have an adult quiz you on your spelling words.
3. Advertisement: Create an advertisement for a real or imaginary product using at least 10 of your spelling words.
4. Poem: Write a poem (or poems) of your choice using at least 10 of your spelling words. Some choices are haiku, concrete, two voice, free verse, limerick, rhyming, or letter poem. You can look these up online.
5. Pronoun Sentences: Write a sentence for each of your spelling words. Include and underline a pronoun for each sentence.
6. Tech Spelling: Use word, Google docs, Educreations, or another program to write/type your spelling words using a variety of fonts and colors.
7. Spelling Stairs:  Write all of your words in stair format. Add one letter each time until you get to the end of the word.
8. Snapshot!: Find a picture in a magazine to write about. Write a paragraph describing this picture in detail using at least 10 of your spelling words. Include your five senses when writing this descriptive paragraph! I should be able to make a mental picture from your words!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

We are back to school on Tuesday, January 8th.  I have missed everyone and look forward to seeing all the students. I am preparing the classroom and the lessons for a great second semester!  Mrs. Donovan and I have lots of ideas to start off 2013.  Many students commented during the last week that the year is flying by. Wait until you see the second semester... hang on to your hats!
If you see the blog, please add a composition book to your shopping list. We will be using them in writing to focus on the very special skills that make our essays shine.  Our other composition books are in use for reading, math, science, social studies, and Friday letter.
As always, thanks for your support of our programs and requests. Many of you donated classroom supplies that will be put to good use.
See you on Tuesday!