Friday, March 22, 2013

Great information about Kahn Academy!

Take a look at this 60 Minutes piece on Kahn Academy. We use the program in Math for enrichment. It is worth a look for all students who can work independently.

Science Lab is cool!

Join us for bits and pieces of our informative science lab! Watch us at work "Think Like a Scientist!"

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Introduction to Cells

Here is the background information that students viewed today and entered into their Science Journals!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rocket Math Star

Jen is a winner in Rocket Math! She has passed all the multiplication tests... Congratulations, Jen. She has some tips to share about Rocket Math. " I have had a great time with Multiplication Rocket Math. I have some tips. First of all, no sugar before Rocket Math to make you lose your brain. Then, study at home with flash cards. So that is the recipe to success in Rocket Math!

DNA Lab this Friday

This Friday we will be doing a lab extracting DNA. Gwen’s mom in Mrs. D.'s class is our guest expert scientist and will lead us through several steps for this investigation. Students will use cheek cells and actually extract the DNA from the cells with a kit provided by BioRad. If all goes as planned students will be coming home with strands of their own DNA floating inside a glass heart that can be worn as a necklace. We will be wrapping the hearts in bubble wrap for the trip home. We don’t encourage them to wear them to school since they are fragile. The DNA that we are extracting is done in such a way that there is no identifiable information. If you don’t want your child to participate for any reason please let me know and speak to them so they understand. They can be science helpers that day and still participate without using their own DNA. Mrs. Colville has a molecular science background and we are thrilled to have her as our volunteer Bio-Rad Science Ambassador. We will be going to the school science lab about 8:15 am.  We have some parent volunteers to assist the students with the process. It promises to be a "Think Like a Scientist"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Step Dancing Stars

We enjoyed a wonderful Irish StepDancing performance on Friday. Meghan along with Cassie from Mrs. D's class and her brother and sister were amazing!  It was the highlight of a great day! Thanks to Brooke, Megan Mc, Libby, and Stan for the delicious treats! Thanks to Jane who produced the video in iMovie for us!  We enjoy the iPads that we have in class. They offer a variety of experiences in technology.

Time for Kids Homework

The following homework will begin March 18th. Time for Kid books will be sent home on Monday. Feel free to work ahead if you wish. NEW Time for Kids Homework Due Every Friday! We are taking a break from spelling homework to focus on informational text.
Please save this sheet for the assignments for the next 3 weeks.
Homework for the week of March 18th Issues 5,6,7

Homework for the week of April 1st Issues 8,9,10
Homework for the week of April 8th Issues 11,12,13
After reading each issue write a summary response about the article including the following within the written response: 1. The Main Idea and Details 2. Include 3 or more facts that you found in the article. 3. Give your opinion about the article related it to yourself, world or text. This must be detailed, neat, with the correct heading for full credit. Please use a separate sheet for each article and turn it in stapled together with the correct heading for full credit. This is a language arts and reading grade. Headings must include: Name, Date, Article # and Pages

Monday, March 11, 2013

Science Fun With FIT student interns

FIT Science student interns were in class today with a great lesson about physical science topic: Force and Motion. Ask your student what they learned during this well-planned lesson!

Friday, March 8, 2013

I have an activity planned for Monday that involves students using a mobile device. If they have an i-phone, I touch, or an Ipad please encourage them to bring it to school. I have extra I pads in class so everyone will be able to participate. Please ask them to download SOCRATIVE this weekend. The student version please. Thanks so much.

Today we researched some of the issues surrounding sharks. Students will be researching to find a global issue in our oceans. Below are some of the links to get them started. I will be doing the project with them in class, however they may find the follow links helpful to reserach and gather information at home.
In addition they have been assigned a shark to research for this project!

Commercial Fishing Using Fads

Sharks Being Killed for Their Fins|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|t

Sport Fishing Information Link

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seussian! Is That Even a Word?

Our class loved the celebration of Dr. Seuss... we made up a word to describe the out-of-this world fun in honor of a childhood favorite. Yum-o refreshments too, thanks to Matthew's mom, Bailey's mom, and Jen's mom along with Meghan Mc's mom who sent the drinks. I apologize if I forget any of the wonderful, supportive parents who contribute to our classroom. We do appreciate all you do! We shared our favorite Seuss books and now we are studying the themes which is a fun way to learn the difference between "theme" and "topic", a difficult Reading Application skill for 4th graders.

Catching Up on the News!

I  have a new laptop and it has taken some time to learn the ropes- especially when it comes to our classroom blog entries and the photos and videos that I often include of our talented kiddos!

Right before the FCAT Writing Test we enjoyed decorating Elaboration Cupcakes!  This visual and "tactile" experience drove home the point that elaboration makes anything more interesting... whether it's baking or writing. Thanks to Bailey's and Julia's mom for supplying the goodies for us to enjoy!