Saturday, February 22, 2014

FCAT Dynamite Writers 2014

     With only 2 practices, our amazing writers showed their performance talent on Friday!  What a fun way to remember the writing skills we have emphasized through the year. A Tampa student wrote the song a few years ago as an innovation on a popular hit song.  We really enjoyed putting this moment together, and I think it shows!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Latest Rocket Math Star is Guest Blogger Today

Congratulations to Jesse who has been in the Hall of Fame for several weeks now!  We are catching up on our math facts, and finding out that knowing the math facts really speeds up all kinds of operations!  Good for you, Jesse! Simplifying fractions is a breeze when you recognize the multiples!
Here are his words of wisdom for Rocket Math success:
"If you miss a question, on the next test do it first, then do the top.  Don't be stressed out if you are confused on a problem . Try your best. If you miss a question, it's not the end of the world."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Multiplication Hall of Fame Winner

Here's Wil, our guest blogger today!  He is the first (of many we hope) to reach the stars in Multiplication Rocket Math. He reached his goal before the winter break and I proudly offer his comments on how to reach the goal.
Will says," ... You write down the facts without thinking twice about it. When you start getting to the higher levels you start to compete with your friends that are near that level. If you try your best you will be able to beat rocket math."  

Gooney Bird Greene

Every now and then you read a book that is sheer fun! We loved this character created by Newberry award winning author, Lois Lowry.  After a week of chuckling and raising our eyes in amazement over the "stories" of GBG, we all agreed that the theme of the story, "Everyone has a story to tell!" is very true.  Great time to connect to our own writing efforts this month.  Everyone had an opportunity to model themselves after one of the most striking traits displayed by Gooney Bird Greene. She loves being the "center of attention" and her unique fashion style makes that happen very quickly when she arrives at her new school. Here are some inspired students who definitely found themselves "smack in the middle of everything" this week, just like Gooney Bird Greene! Such creativity!