Saturday, September 29, 2012

Science Fair and Story Surgery Highlights

      Friday Mrs. Donovan began teaching the steps of the Scientific Method to prepare students for the upcoming Science Fair. The information below might give students some ideas of projects that might interest them. The projects aren't mandatory in 4th grade. However, I highly encourage all of my students to do one for extra credit. They don't have to be entered into the Science Fair to be judged, that decision can be made by the students. To prepare students to do a project Mrs. Donovan will do a class project in class and display our data on a full size board. There is a link on the school site to the  Science Fair packet with all of the information to explain each step in the process with deadlines to help the student stay on track and avoid the last minute rush!

Also a great site for ideas is:

From our lesson today in class:
The Happy Scientist (Science Fair Info.)

The life size essay!
Another buzz around the room this week is the notorious "Story Surgery".  We had fun learning how to elaborate and create deeper meaning and greater interest within the expository essay. A friend supplied the medical accessories and a fun activity emerged to drive home the learning.


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