Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrating with Henna!

Thanks to Rahill's mom from Mrs. Donovan's class, many students enjoyed the latest designs... very whimsical fun!
We had a great week. You can be proud of your students! I am!  They seemed alert and rested. They used the strategies that we worked on through the year to effectively deal with the text of the test. They had stamina and didn't rush.
But, we are very happy to say...That's it!
Thank you to Megan Ma's mom, Jane's mom, Lincoln's mom, and Matthew's mom who provided lovely food and drink each morning. We enjoyed it so much. We had pizza on Thursday, capped with a bodacious ice cream sundae bar served by Jen's mom... aren't we lucky to have so much?  Today Megan Ma's mom and dad brought the famous snow cone machine and we cooled off this afternoon! Yum!
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Meghan Matthys said...

All of our hands!!!! So pretty. I got an account for blogger so I can comment now

Puppyluv1432 said...

Ok so this is my new name for it mrs. Whitner!!!

Mrs. Whitner said...

It's a perfect name for you... I like your comments very much! How about some blog ideas for me at school tomorrow?

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