Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Did We Tell You About Jitter Juice?

Time to take a breath and catch up with a few posts!  My, we have had a busy start to our school year... every day I can see our students in Room 55 grow in knowledge and effort. Those two go hand in hand. During the first week we shared a cute book called Jitter Juice. It describes those first day flutters and as I am reading, I notice the nods and smiles coming from the students who are connecting with the narrator who is very reluctant to get up in the morning of the first day of school. Surprise ending! The storyteller is a teacher!  To help us relax, we enjoyed our own version of Jitter Juice and tried to figure out the ingredients... it's been a few weeks, but perhaps your student can tell you! Most liked it, I can report that!

Dr. D. caught this photo when he stopped in on the first day of school!
We'll be back soon with more photos and a listing of the Celebrity of the Week schedule!


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