Thursday, October 11, 2012

Busy Fun!!

Here's a peek at the 321 Summarizing strategy that some of the students mention in today's "Thursday Letter".   It is a great way to reflect on what has just been read in one of the content areas. 

3- Identify 3 important ________________ you learned in the lesson.

2- List 2 __________________from the lesson.
1- State  1 ______________________ from the lesson.

As you can see, the social studies lesson above was about immigration in Florida. The 321 strategy helped the students to sort out the important information.  They will be better able to recall the information and build on it with the next lesson. We will be using the strategy often in our notebooks for the content areas of science and social studies as well as applying in our reading of any non-fiction material.

Coming Up:

Geometry Project due on Monday - October 15

Salt Maps of Florida in class next Friday!  Thank you to the Scott's and Bowden's for sending in salt dough!



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