Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Class #1

     We snapped this photo this morning with the iPad and the students asked me to post it on the blog. I was delighted to do that... but I will continue to try for the perfect photo. Lights are a bit too bright here. But, you must agree, what a great looking class we are!
      Speaking of iPads, Fourth Grade received 10 iPads for use by the students. Mrs. Donovan and I share a set of 5 and we agreed to alternate weeks. We use them during the Daily 5 for Work With Words and this week the students are creating homonym presentations using the EduCreation App. They are figuring out how the App works and then creating and recording the information. A fun way to apply the skills we are learning. In the afternoon I have 5 students each day using the Apps on the student iPads for games and projects. By the end of the week, each student has about 45 minutes on the iPad. I expect a lot of growth in the use of this technology as both the students and I develop our skills. (Not to mention how much fun they are!)


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