Thursday, February 21, 2013

FCAT Writes -February 26

      What is an unknown topic centered around facts or stories, peppered with juicy details and spiced with an elaborative description or a personal mini-story?  Call it FCAT Writes. One hour of planning, drafting, and revising that is known as the state writing test.  We have worked hard, done our homework and come up with some really good paragraphs, grabbers, MEAL endings, and now we are ready to celebrate what we know!
                                                                               Tips for success:
   The teaching is complete (as it can ever be!), the skills are in our thoughts, and now we must be relaxed and rested on Tuesday morning.
  • Parents can help by making sure that students have a good nights sleep for several nights before the test. May I suggest that the insomniac sleepovers be rescheduled for next weekend?  But, please don't wait until April when the same advice is offered again before the Reading and Math FCAT state assessments!

  •    Have a nice light breakfast. We will have bagels, cream cheese, and juice in the classroom as well.

  •    Smiles and words of encouragement are a nice touch. These kiddos can write, and you will be sharing their portfolios with them next week. These folders are a record of hard work and inspiration. I love the creativity within and I think you will enjoy it as well.
Thanks for the great support of our homework project... it has made a difference!


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