Friday, February 8, 2013

Shark Tracker Project

This week we learned about a new app "The Shark Tracker." Mrs. Robb came in as a guest speaker to introduce the shark tracker app to our students. We even measured how long an actually great white was that was spotted in Jacksonville just last month. Students laid out yard sticks so they could see how big Maryjane really is.

This coming week students will be assigned a shark somewhere on our earth. Students will research their shark and do a report. They will also be required to track their shark each week and plot where they are on a map.

We even decided to take it a step further by contacting the founders of The Shark Tracker Project to find out if they would do a live web quest with us. We have our fingers crossed and students will be writing persuasive essays to send off to follow up my email.

We're also hoping to bring in FIT as guest speakers on sharks. While we wait for our experts to get back to us we will be researching in our Shark Teams.

Above is the link if you would like to check it out.



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