Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gardening Fun

Remember! Not around the stem.
The personal touch!

That was the easy part!
     Friday was a work day! Indoors and outside, we had lots to accomplish. Before
we could spread our pine bark nuggets in the planting beds, we had to pull weeds.

Team Work

In the middle of the job!
The students were real troupers, pulling and tugging ample weeds that put up a lot of resistance. The temperature climbed, but no one faltered or complained. I was so proud of my class!  All the fourth graders took their turn outdoors, transforming the area into a lovely native garden. Thanks to all of the families that provided mulch and cash donations. It went a long way. We still have a few beds to cover in the next few weeks. Mr. Bill DeLuccia, an Indialantic parent and Nature Conservancy member, started the project of native Florida plantings with his own seedlings. His son, Dylan was in my class last year. He is coming in this week to speak with our classes about native plants and the invasive plant species that threaten them. It is part of our Life Science Body of Knowledge that we love to study.


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