Monday, August 13, 2012

Reading Log

We have enjoyed a great start to our school year! Students have embraced the routines and already are using the textbooks and completing homework successfully! On Friday we held our own simple Olympics after discussing some of the positive character traits they have observed in the Olympians. It was a fun way to practice team skills we use in our classwork.
One important aspect of the homework is the Reading Log. Students need some personal reading time to build their skills. I would like them to return the weekly log each Monday and I will have the new log in the Monday folder. It is graded- based on the % of time read for the requirement of 80 minutes. Parents are asked to sign(or initial) so that your student can receive credit for their task. The most challenging part is making sure to remember to include it in the backpack on Monday. We talked about that aspect in class today. Many students felt that they could be most responsible if they kept it in the planner. Then the planner would be coming home over the weekend, even though, we seldom, if ever have homework on the weekend.
Thank you in advance for supporting the effort to read for enjoyment. We will be telling you about a reading strategy that we are introducing at school, called the Daily 5, which provides personal reading time in the school day and training in selecting and sticking with the books they have in their book box. It has been very successful around the country and we have high hopes of succeeding as well!
Above is a copy of the log if you want to print one for home.


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