Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More About the Daily 5

     The Daily 5 is a popular activity in our classroom each morning!  The students are learning each of the Daily 5 stations very carefully. We are writing in our Reading Journals about how it looks and sounds during the daily 5. We have learned Read to Self, the first station of the Daily 5. After a discussion of what makes a book a good fit, students chose 3 books to keep in their Daily 5 book boxes. I conferenced with each of them about their book choices and was delighted that they had found books to enjoy.  When you are Reading to Self (15 minutes) you may sit anywhere with your book box, but you must stay there! Now we have added Word Work, another station. This time we modeled the right way and the wrong way to work on words. We had a good laugh on the wrong way of course. At this station, the students complete spelling and grammar work of all sorts. Coming up... Work with Teacher and Mountain Language. We will be fully engaged after we incorporate these stations and Read to Someone, our final choice. We are taking are time to do it right. The groups are skill-based and only 4 or 5 students work together. That changes as needs change. We are doing the Daily 5 during the first hour of the day!  They love using the colorful book box!


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